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Fred Waybrant

Administrative Assistant
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Contact Information
395 Mill Street
P.O. Box 929
Ortonville, MI 48462
Phone:  248-627-4640
Fax:  248-627-6560


For information on Oakland County Parks, please visit their website at:  www.DestinationOakland.com

Registration Policies

Program Registration
Registration takes place at the Brandon Township Parks & Recreation office, located in the Brandon Township Municipal Building. The recreation office is open non-holiday weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Registration forms and checks may also be mailed to Brandon Township Parks & Recreation, P. O. Box 929, 395 Mill Street, Ortonville, Michigan 48462.  One check may be written for any number of registrations. Checks should be made payable to Brandon Township Parks & Recreation. Please do not mail cash. Brandon Township does not accept payment by credit card. For after-hours convenience, please use the bright blue BRANDON RECREATION drop box located near the back door of the Brandon Township Municipal Building. Do not leave cash in the drop box. A $20 late fee is added to each registration/payment accepted after program registration deadlines. Uniforms for any late registration may not be delivered by the first game.  Call or visit the recreation office to verify that openings remain in any given program prior to remitting a late registration. Nonresidents must add a $10 nonresident surcharge to each remitted program registration. Nonresident fees do NOT apply to special events such as bus trips, festivals or dances.

ADA & Special Needs Policy
Brandon Township Parks & Recreation complies with the spirit and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  With advance notice, we will endeavor to make necessary and reasonable accommodations to allow people with disabilities access to programs and events organized by Brandon Township Parks & Recreation.

Weather Policy
WHEN POSSIBLE, CANCELLATIONS FOR PROGRAM SESSIONS WILL BE POSTED ON CANCELLATIONS.COM.  Parents are also able to sign up to receive text or e-mail messages from Brandon Township Parks and Recreation regarding cancellations and delays at www.cancellations.com.  If thunder or lightning becomes evident during a Brandon Township Parks & Recreation outdoor program, league or event,  participants should immediately take cover in a building or vehicle. Should lightning, thunder or heavy rains persist after 15 minutes, the session is considered cancelled. If conditions have cleared, the event may continue. Do not allow children to take cover in baseball dugouts or near metal fencing.

Weather Cancellations
Please do not call the recreation office with weather cancellation inquiries. PLEASE SIGN UP TO RECEIVE TEXT OR E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS OF CANCELLATIONS AT CANCELLATIONS.COM.  Weather conditions change quickly. To avoid unnecessary makeup dates and program extensions, the recreation office often does not determine weather or conditional cancellations during office hours. Weather and condition cancellations are determined by field personnel after 5:00 p.m. When classes become cancelled in Brandon School District for any reason, Brandon Township Parks & Recreation programs are considered cancelled as well. Participants may not receive notification from the recreation office in the event of an unscheduled school district closure.

Outdoor Programs
Instructor/site directors are responsible for determining weather and conditional cancellations based on the above weather policy. In the absence of thunder or lightning, recreational programs may meet during periods of light rain. As a parent, if you feel that conditions are not suitable for your child to participate, do NOT send your child to the program. Programs and leagues organized by Brandon Township Parks & Recreation are recreational in nature and do not penalize participants for absenteeism. Please note that refunds are not issued for absences.

Outdoor Leagues
Practices:  Head coaches determine weather and conditional cancellations for soccer, baseball and softball practices.
Games:  The program site director or referee determine cancellations for recreational soccer games.  The baseball/softball site director (garage attendant) or umpire determines cancellations for recreational baseball and softball games.  If a game becomes cancelled more than 30 minutes before start time and is not posted on www.cancellations.com, the program site director calls head coaches, who in turn contact players.

Events, programs and leagues offered by Brandon Township Parks & Recreation are subject to change at any time. Many programs take place at Brandon School District facilities and are subject to unavoidable school district schedule adjustments. Participants will be notified of schedule changes in advance whenever possible. Every attempt will be made to reschedule cancelled dates within the parameters of the program. When classes become cancelled in Brandon School District for any reason, Brandon Township Parks & Recreation programs are considered cancelled as well. Participants do not receive notification from the recreation office in the event of an unscheduled school district closure.

Makeup Dates
Makeup dates for many programs are published with the original program descriptions and schedules. This information is available online at www.brandontownship.us as well as at the Brandon Township Parks & Recreation office. Should additional program adjustments or makeup dates become necessary, this information will be communicated directly to each registered participant by Brandon Township Parks & Recreation as soon as the information becomes available. Makeup dates for baseball, softball and soccer leagues are communicated directly to head coaches as necessary throughout the season. Head coaches subsequently communicate the information to players. Forfeited games and coach cancellations are not rescheduled. Games cancelled for any reason during the last two weeks of the season are not rescheduled.

Refund Policy
With the exception of league programs, refunds are issued to registered participants if the refund is requested prior to the program start date. Registration fees become nonrefundable after program start dates. Refunds are not issued for absenteeism, nor are they issued for dates that become cancelled or are unattended due to weather, field conditions, facility availability, or participant scheduling conflicts. Registrations for league programs such as baseball, softball, soccer, coed volleyball and flag football become nonrefundable once the registration deadline has passed. Refunds are processed in the amount of the paid registration fee less a $15 nonrefundable administrative fee. Checks are payable to the individual who signed the registration form and are mailed to the registrant's address as indicated on the registration form. Refund checks are mailed within two weeks of the refund request date. Registration fees for programs cancelled due to low registration numbers or staffing issues are always refunded in full.

Ski & Snowboard Club Refunds

Refunds shall be issued for the cost of one lift ticket per cancelled club date only if the recreation office is unable to reschedule the cancelled date. Refunds are NOT issued for absenteeism, vacations, etc. Refunds are not issued for weather conditions as long as both Brandon School District and Mt. Holly remain open. Injury Refunds: Injury refunds in the amount of future unused club date lift tickets shall be issued based upon the date the parent/legal guardian contacts the recreation office, not the injury date itself. Ski & Snowboard Club refunds are never retroactive and are not issued for past club dates under any circumstances. A doctor’s note may be requested before a refund is issued. Transportation-only students are not eligible for refunds. Disciplinary Suspensions: Refunds are never issued for students who have been dismissed or suspended from Ski & Snowboard Club, Mt. Holly or Brandon School District for any reason. Student Discount Cards: Student discount cards are not refundable, nor are they replaceable. If a discount card becomes lost, stolen, or sent through the washing machine, a new card must be purchased from the recreation office or from a Ski & Snowboard Club site director.