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1367 Alarms in 2019

1316 Alarms in 2018

1323 Alarms in 2017

1232 Alarms in 2016

1135 Alarms in 2015

1203 Alarms in 2014

1149 Alarms in 2013

1132 Alarms in 2012

940 Alarms in 2011

980 Alarms in 2010

965 Alarms in 2009 



Locations & Phone Numbers

Fire Station #1

53 South Street
Ortonville, MI 48462
Fax:  248-627-3181


Fire Station #2

3065 S. Sashabaw Road
Fax:  248-969-0777


Fire Station #3

5050 Oakwood Road
Fax:  248-236-8402

An emergency phone is located inside or near all 3 fire stations main entry door and is accessible to the public at all times
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Fire Prevention & Education

Child Safety Seat Program

Choosing and using a car seat correctly makes a big difference in safety.  Four out of five car seats are used improperly.   Tragically, many children are not secured at all.  Most crashes occur close to home on roads with low speed limits.  When used correctly, car seats can prevent injuries and save lives. ''I never thought it would happen to me'', is no excuse and will not bring them back.  Secure children properly every time they ride.

We no longer provide car seat inspections.  If you'd like to have a car seat inspected please click on the following link for the Oakland County information page: Car Seat Inspections

Fire Prevention

Protection through prevention is the goal of Brandon Fire Department.  Ten times a day, on average, someone in the United States dies in a home fire.  Fire can happen in any home.  The mission of our prevention is to save lives, and minimize injury, and property loss from fire.


Fire Prevention in Brandon Schools

The fire department visits all classrooms in the school district from Kindergarten through fourth grade.  These programs include prevention lessons in the classroom curriculum.  Puppet programs, videos, handout materials, all of which is the first step to know your enemy, learn how fire happens and how it kills.

The department provides programs for visits to Co-Op schools and home schools in Brandon Township, upon the request of the Fire Prevention Coordinator, Captain/Medic Billy Starr.   

For Fire Prevention resources / information go to http://www.sparky.org/ or https://www.usfa.fema.gov/prevention/


Fire Station Tours/Fire Safety House

If you or your organization is interested in a tour of any of our stations, please contact Station #1 to schedule an appointment.

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