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Township Supervisor
Kathy Thurman

Deputy Supervisor
Pam Scherer


395 Mill Street
P.O. Box 929
Ortonville, MI 48462-0929
Phone:  248-627-4918
Fax:  248-627-6938


 This office is responsible for the inventory and value of all taxable property within Brandon Township. At the present time the Township has an Assessor on staff to sign the tax role and contracts with Thompson Property Tax Consulting for assessing services. Should you need to reach the assessor, Bill Thompson, contact the Supervisor's office, or email bthompson@brandontownship.us. Homestead affidavits and Property Transfer affidavits are filed in the Assessor's office. Once received and stamped by staff, a copy of these documents is placed on file.

Township mapping services are also available through the Assessor's office. The Geographic Information System (GIS) developed by Oakland County for Brandon Township is available in the Assessor's office. In addition, information regarding parcel identification, taxpayer of record, address, building characteristics, land dimensions, and similar information is available in the Assessor's office.


Assessment Appeals

Property tax appeals are heard by a Board of Review composed of three Township residents. By law, two of these individuals must own property in the Township. After you receive your assessment notices toward the end of February, you may schedule an appointment in March to appeal your assessed value, which represents 50% of market value. In addition, you may file a poverty exemption appeal by requesting an application and supplying required income tax returns along with asset and expense information. Please remember the Board of Review is an appeal process to review property values, not tax bills.

In July, the Board will meet briefly to discuss clerical mutual mistakes of fact, and poverty appeals not heard earlier.  The process for making a poverty appeal can be obtained by calling the Assessor's office.  July Board of Review is for hardships, homestead changes and clerical errors.  For additional information contact the Supervisors office at 248-627-4918 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Michigan Tax Tribunal

A taxpayer who believes the determination of the local Board of Review does not address their concerns may appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. The Tribunal is a state level agency designed to hold hearings at two levels. These two divisions are the Small Claims Division and the Entire Tribunal. Most appeals regarding residential property are conducted at the Small Claims division. You must appeal to the local Board of Review prior to submitting a petition to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. The Tribunal can be reached in Lansing at P.O. Box 30232, Lansing, MI 48909-7732 and must be initiated by June 30 of the year under appeal. The burden of proof lies with the property owner and appeals may take 18 months to two years before a decision is rendered.

December Board of Review is for hardships, homestead changes adn clerical errors.  For additional information please call the Supervisor's office at 248-627-4918.



Engineering Consultant
Hubble, Roth, and Clark
Contact:  Thomas Biehl
555 Hulet Drive
P.O. Box 824
Bloomfield Hills, MI


Planning Consultant
Carlisle & Wortman
Contact:  Doug Lewan
605 S. Main, Suite 1
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


64010 Citation Drive, Suite E
Clarkston, MI 48346


Township Attorney
Karlstrom, Cooney, Caruso, Keenan, Sharbaugh, & Steckling, L.L.P.
Contact:  Stuart Cooney
6480 Citation Drive
Clarkston, MI 48346


Pfeffer, Hanniford & Palka
225 E. Grand River
Suite 104
Brighton, MI 48116