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Township Supervisor
Kathy Thurman

Deputy Supervisor
Pam Scherer


395 Mill Street
P.O. Box 929
Ortonville, MI 48462-0929
Phone:  248-627-4918
Fax:  248-627-6938

Latest News


Two paving projects are in the Federal Aid funding queue. Sashabaw between Sherwood and Granger is set to be paved in 2019. Construction should begin in June. Oakhill between M-15 and Ellis Road is a shared project with Independence and is scheduled for 2025 paving.

Beginning in 2013,  a Geo-Tek grid was installed under parts of the gravel surface on Perry Lake Road north of Seymour Lake, Oakhill west of Sashabaw, and on Granger Road near Baldwin, Sashabaw, Perry Lake, and Rattlesnake Lane to improve the integrity of these roads. Unfortunately, the Geo-Tek grid is now working its way to the surface and needs to be repaired in certain areas. Please call the Supervisor's office at (248 627-4918) if you see Geo-Tek grid exposed on your road.

Brandon Township has been using tri-party funds to participate in the Road Commission for Oakland County secondary road re-graveling program on an annual basis since 2000. Over 60 miles of Township roads have benefited from this program. Lately however, tri-party funds are being saved for the Sashabaw paving project and the Township is spending General Fund dollars to pay for limited re-gravel projects.

Brandon Township participates in the Road Commission for Oakland County's secondary road chloriding program during the months of May through September. The heavier traveled secondary roads receive 5 applications per year while the less traveled secondary roads receive 4 applications per year.



The Road Commission has specific regulations for decorative street name signs.  There have been recent changes to help improve safety by making street signs easier for motorist to read.  REGULATIONS

Duties of the Supervisor's Office
  • Ensure all Township Ordinances are enforced
  • Supervise all public improvements
  • Chair all Township Board meetings
  • Prepare and administer the annual budget
  • Monitor the financial condition of the township
  • Be responsible to the Township Board for the efficient administration of all departments of Township government
  • Serve as Township Personnel Director
  • Monitor the condition of Township roads
  • One of the seven voting members of the Township Board

Engineering Consultant
Hubble, Roth, and Clark
Contact:  Thomas Biehl
555 Hulet Drive
P.O. Box 824
Bloomfield Hills, MI


Planning Consultant
Carlisle & Wortman
Contact:  Doug Lewan
605 S. Main, Suite 1
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


64010 Citation Drive, Suite E
Clarkston, MI 48346


Township Attorney
Karlstrom, Cooney, Caruso, Keenan, Sharbaugh, & Steckling, L.L.P.
Contact:  Stuart Cooney
6480 Citation Drive
Clarkston, MI 48346


Pfeffer, Hanniford & Palka
225 E. Grand River
Suite 104
Brighton, MI 48116